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Our Heartfelt Condolences

Our hearts are heavy as we inform you of the passing of our dedicated Radiology Medical Director, Dr. Walid Attisha. Wally was a dedicated and compassionate neuro-radiology physician as well as our friend and peer. His commitment to improving lives and desire to lift and aide all he came in contact with will always be remembered. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family.

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Medical Clinic of Houston, L.L.P. was founded in 1968 by the merger of two practices, comprised of nine physicians. As the original practices grew, physicians and specialized services were added to our facilities resulting in today's medical complex. The Clinic specializes in Internal Medicine and also offers the following various sub-specialties: Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Rheumatology and Medical Oncology as well as Diabetes and Nutrition Education. Our goal is to provide excellent medical care in a caring and service-oriented environment while utilizing the latest medical technology.

Office Hours, Appointments, and Physician Referrals
New patients who have not yet established themselves with a specific Clinic physician may request a Physician Referral or schedule an appointment by calling (713) 526-5511 extension 3130. Typical office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday although some physicians begin seeing patients as early as 7:30 a.m. Established patients should contact their physician's secretary to arrange a convenient appointment time. Your physicianís staff is available during regular office hours for appointment scheduling, test results, and general questions.

For insurance and billing questions, our representatives are available to assist you by phone or in person. Please contact our Customer Service Call Center at 713-520-4700 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

First Appointment
Prior to your first appointment, we will attempt to reach you by phone for registration. If registration by phone is inconvenient or we have not been able to contact you in advance, please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment so that this process can be finalized before your appointment time.

Reminder: Bring your insurance card with you to your first appointment and whenever your coverage changes.

Pre-travel Evaluation
To meet the health needs of the global traveler, we provide pre-travel evaluations in order to identify health risks and evaluate a patient's fitness for travel - thus minimizing the risk of health problems abroad in an unfamiliar healthcare delivery system. Several of our physicians are certified to administer international vaccinations for travel.

Hospital Affiliations and MCH Hospitalists
Our commitment to your health does not stop when you leave your physicianís office.

MCH physicians are affiliated with and have staff privileges at Houston Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. Some physicians may also be affiliated with other facilities - check with your individual physician.

Medical Clinic of Houstonís hospitalists are licensed medical doctors, board certified in internal medicine and work as a team with your MCH physician(s) should you require hospitalization. MCH Hospitalists devote their practice to the unique needs of our hospitalized patients and work in close collaboration with your MCH physician(s) to monitor your care and direct your treatment while you are in Houston Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. A MCH Hospitalist will visit you daily during your hospital stay. He or she will discuss your course of care; monitor your progress; order medications, tests or procedures; and coordinate specialty care. A MCH Hospitalist is readily available to discuss questions or concerns you may have during your hospitalization. When you leave the hospital, your hospitalist will inform your primary care physician of any further treatment needs, follow-up care, and necessary prescriptions.

Prescription Refills
Patients should contact their pharmacy with prescription refill requests, instructing their pharmacy to electronically submit refill requests to the Clinic. The pharmacy or pharmacist will contact the Clinic on your behalf to obtain authorization from your physician for prescription refills Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

After Hours Care
Patients needing urgent medical care when the Clinic is closed may reach their physician (or the physician designated to take his/her calls) by dialing the main Clinic telephone number, (713) 526-5511. The Clinic's answering service will contact the physician on call. When calling after hours, have your pharmacist's telephone number available and remove any incoming call blocks from your phone line so that phone calls can be received.

We offer wireless Internet connections at our office. If you wish to bring your portable PC or PDA, you will have free high-speed access to the Internet.


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