Hospitalists Services in Houston TX

Our commitment to your health includes caring for you when you must be hospitalized.

The Medical Clinic of Houston Hospitalists are board certified internal medicine physicians.  They devote their practice to the unique needs of hospitalized patients. The MCH Hospitalists are hospital‐based which means, during your hospitalization, they are accessible throughout the day to discuss test results and to answer questions that you and your family may have about your condition and your care.

A MCH Hospitalist will be in charge of your care while you are in the Houston Methodist Hospital. Working as a team, MCH Hospitalists collaborate with your primary care and subspecialty doctor(s) at MCH to manage your care from the time you are admitted until discharge. Because of their rotating schedule, you may see more than one Hospitalist during your hospital stay. Upon discharge your Hospitalist will discuss any significant findings or events with your MCH doctor(s).

Hospitalist Care Benefits
  • Coordination of patient care planning with your primary care doctor
  • Access to your office-based tests and results
  • Leads the hospital medical team in coordinating all care – including imaging, diagnostics, and lab work
  • A unique understanding of hospital processes and procedures
  • An expanded knowledge of chronic diseases treated in a hospital setting
  • On‐site availability to consult with specialists and follow-up on all tests and procedures
  • On-site availability to consult with family members

Once you are discharged from the hospital, you will return to your MCH primary care doctor for follow-up care.