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Diabetes Education* Services

Diabetes is a disease that can affect multiple aspects of your life including your numerous body systems and even your family. The Diabetes Self-Management Training Program at Medical Clinic of Houston, L.L.P. is recognized by the American Diabetes Association*  and aims to provide you and your family with tools to enhance your overall health with diabetes.

Our program is designed to help you learn how to make informed choices in daily living, and at the same time set and meet behavior change goals, and reduce the risk of complications from diabetes.

A Registered Dietitian will lead you through individual and/or group training sessions to ensure each of your unique goals are met. The program provides overall training on the seven recommended self-care behaviors:


Monitoring Blood Glucose

Blood Sugar is an important number when it comes to diabetes management and complication prevention! Do you know what your blood sugar should be in the morning? What about after a meal? If you don't know where you are, you don't know where you're going.


Healthy Eating

Did you know following a diabetes meal plan can help lower A1c, cholesterol, and help you lose or maintain weight?



Exercise doesn't have to be done in a gym with fancy clothes or equipment, but a daily routine that includes physical activity can help control blood sugars, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and manage weight.


Taking Medications

Many people with diabetes require prescription drugs in addition to healthy eating and physical activity to manage their health. Learn how medications work to manage blood sugars.


Reducing Risks

Diabetes can lead to serious chronic complications if not controlled. Learn how diabetes affects your body and take action to prevent the onset or progression of complications.


Problem Solving

Do you know what to do if your blood sugar is too high or too low? You are very sick? You have to travel with diabetes? Knowing what to do and how to do it ahead of time can keep you safe and save you time.


Health Coping

Living with diabetes from day to day, or managing complications from diabetes can be stressful. Learn strategies to reduce stress and to identify and utilize support systems to help you better your health.

Your Diabetes Educator will coordinate with your MCH physician and provide you with individualized care every step of the way.  Participation in the program requires a doctor’s order and may be covered by your insurance plan.  Learn more about the Diabetes Self-Management Training Program by accessing our brochure or, call the Diabetes Education Program Coordinator at (713) 520-4774.

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