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Employee Testimonials

I think MCH is one of the best places to work because...

The people here are great. There are many great benefits we receive such as the Blue Ribbon Award, free parking, quarterly bonuses, and even a chance to have lunch with our Executive Administrator. The management team is constantly trying to come up with motivational tools for employees and is also interested in what the employees have to say (Opportunity for Improvement - OFI). I appreciate what we have here because I have worked other places that did not offer any of the incentives listed above. Thanks MCH!

It is a very family oriented environment where there is teamwork, quarterly bonuses, and friendly faces always willing to help...

I have been very lucky to have worked for such good doctors and nurses. Knowing we have bonuses to look forward to at the end of each quarter is nice. I also like the convenience of the in-house healthcare and all tests done here...

We have awesome parties! We have fun at work! We have carpool checks and we get quarterly bonuses! Also, the employees are great to be around and MCH cares about us as a person. We have competitive salaries and more. Who else is there to work for with all of these things? I am happy to be an employee of one the best places to work!

I have worked at Medical Clinic of Houston for over 22 years. Need I say more?

Of the friendly atmosphere and smiling faces, MCH has a professional but fun attitude. I personally believe it is the best place to work. The incentive programs are great and makes you feel good to come to work every day!

We have great anniversary parties and the people I work with are friendly and outstanding!

Working here at MCH has provided me with a world of knowledge in my profession. Our patients frequently come in with low spirits, not really understanding their illness or diagnosis. The doctors and their staff take the time to educate them and because of that, many of them get better and lead healthier lives...

The opportunity for advancement and continuing education. The quarterly bonuses - keep it up! Free parking. "Reel in a friend" employee referral bonuses and other opportunities. Also, this is a great group of doctors to work for - very friendly and professional...


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