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Dress Code

The professional appearance of every employee should exhibit those aspects of good health and good health habits. Our standard of excellence in health care is reflected by the personal attention we give every patient and by the attention to detail we demonstrate when caring for our patients. Therefore, personal appearance should reflect a tasteful, clean, crisp, precise look, with every attention to detail. Our approach to health care management is classic and conservative, while delivering the finest in proven medical care to our patients. Our appearance should enhance our ability to perform our job; excesses and extremes that interfere with our safety and job function should be avoided.

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The following is a synopsis of the MCH Dress Code “Head to Toe”:

  • Hairstyles, facial hair, and makeup should be conservative and in neat appearance.
  • Teeth and breath must exhibit evidence of excellent oral hygiene.
  • Piercings are considered inappropriate for clinic attire.
  • Chewing gum and all tobacco products are prohibited on Clinic property.
  • Excessive fragrance and odors must be avoided (perfumes, colognes, cigar and cigarette smoke, and body odors).
  • Hands and fingernails must be clean and without stains.
  • Appropriate undergarments must be worn and should never be visible due to ill-fitting clothing or transparent fabrics.
  • Clothing must be professional and conservative.
  • MCH ID Badge must be worn at all times.
  • Tattoos must be concealed by appropriate clothing.
  • Conservative hosiery, without patterns, and in neutral colors must be worn.
  • Shoes should be professional and conservative, polished, in excellent condition, and worn at all times.

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